Homecare Course Outlines

Technical Areas

  •      Housekeeping
  • This course is designed to equip trainees with hands-on practical knowledge on how to clean surfaces hygienically and set the rooms attractively to create a beautiful effect.

  •      Laundry Work
  • This course is designed for any one who wants to learn how to wash, iron and handle fabrics professionally in homes and institutions.

  •      Childcare,Development & Rights
  • This course is designed to equip child care givers with skills for effective baby siting, handling and general management of children. It is ideal for those working or intending to work with children in homes, kindergartens, hospital etc.

  •      Food Production and Service
  • This course provides hands-on experience in cookery and is designed to equip and expose trainees to the art of professional cooking, presentation and service.

  •      Home Nursing & First Aid
  • This module unit,which combines Home Nursing and first aid,aims at equipping the trainee with knowledge,skill and attitude to enable him/her deal with patients being attended to in the home.

Cross-cutting Areas

  •      HIV/Aids Education
  • The Centre is involved in HIV/Aids awareness and behaviour change communication for our target groups. To mitigate the impact of HIV/Aids pandemic amongst youths, girls and women, the Centre imparts skills for employment and economic independence.

  •      Entrepreneurship Education
  • The course targets to develop skills to start income generating activities. Basic business start up classes are conducted and are geared towards self reliance through small and micro enterprises.

  •      Labour Education
  • Trainees are sensitised on labour laws, rights and obligations as they apply to both the employer and employee to curb abuse and exploitation. The training also empowers them to negotiate decent salaries, terms and fair working conditions.

  •      Lifeskills
  • This trainng is developed with the objective of enhancing knowledge on life skills to combact issues affecting vulnerable adolescents in Kenya in order to develop a sense of societal belonging and acceptance in the work place. The training provides a broad overview of life skill in furtherance of mutual relationship and understanding between employee and employer and between employees themselves.

Services Offered to Trained Home Managers

  •      Job Placement
  • Those who have successfully completed the programme are connected to employers for employment. Job placement is optional.

  •      Industrial Attachment
  • Trainees are exposed to real work situations, where they gain practical experience and develop essential skills for the work place. This experience bridges the gap between training and work.

  •      Guidance and Counseling
  • These services aim at building trainees’ confidence and self esteem, as well as create awareness on the various career possibilities open to them now and in future. Guidance and counseling empowers skills development, builds a sense of responsibility and creates eagerness to work for self reliance.

  •      Work Support
  • Support is given to working domestic workers.This is done to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness.We are committed to promoting professionalism amongst our trainees.

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